Editorial cartoon for April 3, 2023

Editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante draws on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante draws on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.
Bruce Plante / Cagle Cartoons

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Editorial cartoonist Dave Granlund draws on the purpose of Memorial Day.
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The question that the deejay asked my in-laws at my son's wedding: “How do you stay married for 65 years?” Columnist Ann Bailey comes up with an answer.
From the editorial: Address "a call to living Americans of all generations to live up to the ideals of the American experiment of liberty and democracy so that 'these dead shall not have died in vain.'"
From the column: "We can ... honor the sacrifice and memories of (our) brave men and women ... by better caring for the veterans and servicemembers who follow in their footsteps."
From the editorial: "The crisis of too-few-officers and too-few-applicants for law-enforcement openings continues."
From the editorial: The West lives amid two competing and contradictory narratives. We are the home of the pioneering, can-do spirit, where initiative and engineering can outthink Mother Nature and turn deserts into sparkling cities and emerald fields of kale and romaine (and almonds and pistachios). Or we’re thirsty fools who built our lives and fortunes on an evaporating resource.
The Memorial Day storm in 2022 that swept across South Dakota and Minnesota struck multiple communities and came close to home for West Central Tribune editor Kelly Boldan.
From the commentary: College grads not only make more money on average; they live longer, according to research.
"Come Holy Spirit, come. ... I wonder if that’s what Peter prayed for on the day that Pentecost occurred?"
From the commentary: The numbers: Republicans hold a House majority of only nine members, one of whom is the notorious George Santos. Biden won 18 of the districts currently held by Republicans. One can assume that many of their swing-voting constituents are most unhappy over the party's opposition to reproductive rights. They're sickened by its defense of lunatics' strutting through Walmarts with weapons of war.
From the commentary: If Florida Democrats find an acceptable candidate, they might just recapture the governorship. America probably doesn't want to become DeSantis' Florida. Florida may not like that either.

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