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Letter: A just and fair immigration system

Mega-successful businessman Donald Trump is taking a lot of heat for his words equating Mexican men with the many (and unacceptable) rapes of women along the southern border.

In reality, Mexicans are no more prone to rape than men from any other culture. And the fact is, people are illegally coming here from Russia, the Middle East, Guatemala, Ukraine, you name the country.

America welcomes those who would come here to work or to study, then return home to help their countrymen if it is done legally with green cards or visas, etc.

For those who have other missions, the route to take is through legal immigration. America is very generous in this respect, opening her arms to countless numbers of people with real dreams.

In order to ensure that we have a just and fair immigration system, the borders have got to be secured. If "the Donald" would build a big wall to make it fair for everyone, well, I'm for it.

Rich McCuskey