A number of New London-Spicer School District residents met March 14 with the School Board to express concerns about their proposed transgender policy.

This controversial policy was presented without any advance notice to parents or the community.

Few have had the opportunity to become aware of the policy, or to understand its implications. A simple delay is a most reasonable request. Why the rush?

Are we in this community ready for a policy that allows boys to use the girls’ locker rooms and girls’ bathrooms and to participate on the girls’ athletic teams? That will be the almost certain result if the School Board’s proposed transgender policy is adopted.

The proposed policy states that the school is committed to “maximizing the social integration” of transgender students. This means that boys who at any time wish to see themselves as girls can do anything in schools that the girls do. These boys can use any of the girls’ facilities and participate on any of the girls’ sports teams.

Don’t be misled by the superintendent’s statement that it may be that transgender students could use “gender neutral” bathrooms and showers. The proposed policy clearly states: “A student shall not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

We all want all children to feel loved and accepted. Are we really helping them by affirming their gender confusion, rather than helping them address the underlying issues causing it?

Please contact the School Board members to express your concerns about this policy. Ask them to please postpone any vote on enacting this policy to allow the public adequate time to become more informed.

The district office will forward you an electronic copy of the transgender policy if you call them at 320-354-2252. The New London-Spicer school website lists the School Board members and their contact information. They need to hear from you.

Gary Swenson


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