In the fall of 2016 WikiLeaks revealed a brazen attempt by the Democratic Party to interfere in the affairs of the Catholic Church.

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, and others had created organizations to infiltrate the Church and incite what Democratic Party operative Sandy Newman called, "a Catholic Spring.” The goal was to create dissension and turn the people against the Church's leadership on issues of life, human dignity, and sexual morality.

This campaign by the Democratic Party to interfere in the affairs of the Church was a vicious attack on religious liberty.

While in the Senate Al Franken led opposition to "Conscience rights in health care" legislation. He was joined by Sen. Amy Klobuchar and followed by former Planned Parenthood executive, Sen. Tina Smith.

Democrats continue to attack religious liberty. They are challenging a rule put in place by the Trump administration meant to protect doctors, nurses and pharmacists from being forced to participate in abortion.

They intend to conscript people of conscience because there "aren't enough" people willing to violate their values system and participate in the task of killing innocent life.

Currently they are prosecuting David Dalieden for revealing Planned Parenthood's ugly practice of trafficking in fetal body parts. His videos show “haggling” over prices paid by research firms for aborted fetuses and the altering of abortion techniques to produce more “intact specimens” to make them of greater value to those firms.

In a prosecution began by Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, Dalieden could spend up to 10 years in prison. This prosecution is arbitrary and capricious and an unequal application of the law.

Animal-rights activists secretly filming alleged mistreatment of animals at slaughterhouses were subsequently applauded by public officials for their work while Daleiden faces criminal charges for revealing the lack of scruples in the abortion industry.

Are you OK with that?

Jim Schwarz

New London