I'm amazed when I see elected officials taking credit for things they didn't do. Tim Miller claims responsibility for getting Highway 12 resurfaced between Benson and Kerkhoven and this is simply not true. That project was included in the state transportation improvement program as far back as 2013 when Andrew Falk was serving as our state representative. I know because I was working there (MnDOT).

Tim Miller takes credit for passing a large transportation bill that is rebuilding roads and bridges. The truth is, Tim Miller passed no long-term comprehensive transportation bill. He simply voted for a "lights-on" transportation bill, which was a continuation of the bill and policies passed by Andrew Falk and the DFL in 2013-2014.

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Over the last two years, nothing has gotten done in St. Paul. Our rural communities deserve better. I'm voting for someone who knows how to get the work done on time and on budget. I'm voting for Andrew Falk and I hope you would too.

Galen Henjum