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Letter: Are youths being taught to bully?

Upon opening the paper on Oct. 4 I was met with the half-page ad about bullying sponsored by Willmar and surrounding communities and businesses.

I believe we are fighting an uphill battle. We say one thing and act another. My prime example is our president, Donald Trump. He refers to the leader of North Korea as Rocket Man (or boy) which is demeaning.

He tells the citizens of Puerto Rico they skewed our budget — as though they planned and executed the recent hurricane which resulted in lost life and destruction.

When our chosen leader regularly mouths insulting rhetoric, what are our children learning? Or do the American people really want our children raised by Hitler's guidelines? He wanted the children to be brutal, fearless and cruel youth.

Games and everything is a contest and losers would be beaten, physically, verbally or emotionally. Is football an example of such a game with immediate or long-lasting effects?

Is it worth the chances?

Jackie Herfurth