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Letter: Councilman Christianson must resign

We live in a society that forgets quickly and then moves onto the next issue, many times without a resolution on the last issue. Because of this, let me remind this community what Willmar City Councilman Ron Christianson "liked" on Facebook.

Mr. Christianson "liked" posts that were racist and Islamaphobic in nature. Posts included comments such as, ""illiterate, uneducable people with the average IQ of 68," in regards to Muslims. Regarding Somali people, Mr. Christianson "liked" a post that stated, "Unwanted Somali intruders who are very open about wanting you dead." Last, in reference to Muslim and Mexican immigrants, Mr. Christianson "liked" a post that stated, "Now we are flooded with illiterate Mexicans and Muslims. These people have exceedingly low IQ's and bring diseases, crime and filth into our country."

The statements Mr. Christianson "liked" are odious blatant fearmongering lies. Mr. Christianson now has had ample time and opportunity to address the concerns that many have raised. Instead, he has remained silent That silence, in this case, is deafening.

Our community must now address Mr. Christianson's obvious, abhorrent bias towards Muslim and Mexican immigrants. I've called for him to clear up these concerns or to resign. Now, I call for Mr. Christianson to resign.

In the face of this obstacle, I'm confident the good people of Willmar will find a positive way forward. We must go forward with one voice. I'm calling on all concerned citizens to attend the next City Council meeting on at 7 p.m. Monday at the Willmar Municipal Utilities building.

If we want to progress as a city, we will need to be loud at times. Monday night is one of those times.

Ben Larson