Mass shootings with battlefield weapons will continue. This is a spreadsheet issue based on profit. Due to a declining base of hunters, about 5% of the population hunts. Assault weapons were marketed to mainstream consumers.

Governments, federal and state, have little or no influence to legislate safety, since corporate influence exceeds political will and power. Even though 90% of Americans support some type of intervention, citizens are left to the dictates of gun manufacturers and their lobbyists.

To mask their accountability, we are told it's a mental health issue. However, in the 1960s, the mental health hospitals were emptied of its patients in the U.S. Yet there wasn't a spike in mass shootings during that decade by persons with mental illness. Absent was the plethora of assault weapons.

Today, the weakened state of our government is no match for corporate rule. The Republican strategy to paint government as a problem and not a solution has come to fruition. We are left to witness the carnage.

Patrick Thibault