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Letter: New gun regulations the only true solution

Mass shooting gun violence keeps happening, and common sense gun restrictions seems to be impossible to pass.

It's amazing that it appears that young motivated teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School lit the match that may break through the chatter, when the death of 20 six- and seven-year-olds at Sandy Hook did not.

We have to be real. If politicians want to significantly affect the outcome of recent mass shootings, the only true solution is to ban assault weapons, restrict high capacity magazines and implement and fund universal background checks.

The more stringent the less probability of recurrence and/or severity of mass shootings. U.S. Supreme Court United States v. Hayes, from February 2009, 7-2 ruling, has already upheld reasonable restrictions on guns.

The second amendment does not protect the specific right to have assault style weapons. There are plenty of other guns that can be used for self-defense. (I have one.)

After doing a bit of research on 53 mass shootings from 1984 to current, it would appear that the average number of days between shootings is 235, making an average shooting timeline of October 7, 2018.

The average death toll is nearly 11. If a rudimentary weighted average is used to compensate of more frequency shooting over time, the weighted average would be 78 days, making the average timeline of the next shooting of May 2, 2018.

The shortest time line between shootings was 3 days.

If you want the trend to continue, politicians just need to do nothing.

There is a popular saying: "Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All Alternatives." I am confident America will do the right thing, but it appears that we have not exhausted alternatives.

Noteworthy: In documenting the mass shooting timelines, I noticed the longest period of lack of mass shooting from shortly after the Federal Assault Rifle ban in September 1994. The timeline from December 1993 through March 1998 was significant mass shooting void. That's nearly 4 1/3 years.

The federal government and/or state of Minnesota must act!


Kevin Sheehan