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Letter: A historic day for rural Minnesota

We were humbled and in awe of the people taking the oath of citizenship at the Barn Theatre.

The residents of Willmar that chose to attend the ceremony and greet these newest members of our state were not disappointed in this historic first naturalization ceremony in Willmar.

This project was begun last summer and was made possible with the overwhelming support of so many people.

So thank you to Neal Haugen for selecting Willmar High School students Emily Malmgren, Lydia Engle, Marcus Orneles, Jacob Meyer and Pedro Cruz to sing the national anthem; Ms. Pratt’s second grade class leading the Pledge of Allegiance; the fifth-graders for making special cards of welcome; Rep. Dave Baker; Sen. Andrew Lange; and Mayor Marv Calvin.

Mostly we thank the United States District Court for bringing this opportunity to rural Minnesota and the members of the Willmar Human Right Commission and the Willmar Area League of Women Voters.

We would be honored to do this again.

Shelly Huseby, Chairperson

Willmar Human Rights Commission

Jan Dahl, President

Willmar Area League of Women Voters