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Letter: Seeing the light on gun control

I was with a group of people when the topic of gun control came up.

I asked a young adult what his take was. He said there is no reason for civilians to have military-type weapons.

A guy in the group (60-something) bellowed out, "Let them try to take my guns away and we'll see what happens."

It will take the enactment of laws to change the norm. But this should not be a political issue as much as how do we show our children (through our actions) that we care about their safety and lives.

I find it rather interesting that those who are against any kind of gun control accuse the other side of the issue of wanting to repeal the Second Amendment.

I call this getting drunk on Kool-Aid.

I have yet to hear one person who supports reasonable gun control wanting to take people's guns away. Quite the opposite, I would say.

They do support having rifles, shotguns and handguns for hunting, sport and personal protection.

I think most of us have the mental capacity to understand laws don't prevent mental illness and they do not stop evil acts.

However, if and when someone goes "postal" if the only weapon they have access to can fire no more than six rounds before needing reloading, then maybe they kill six instead of 17.

I told this to the guy who had bellowed out, "Let them try to take my guns away and we'll see what happens." Then I saw the light bulb come on.

If only one more light bulb comes on as a result of my letter, then my efforts have not been in vain.

Dennis Torgerson