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Letter: The grace of this place

My parents, sister, nephews and niece were in a car accident last night.

Their van went into a ditch on Highway 7 and tipped over. They felt surrounded by angels as almost immediately a truck driver pulled over to help them out of the van. Twenty to 30 people surrounded them, ready to help with whatever was needed.

Kind, attentive EMT professionals arrived very quickly and brought them to Rice Hospital's emergency room — but not before giving my niece and sister a hand-made quilt and teddy bears.

The Rice medical staff went on to give them the best care, all with kindness and patience.

Thankfully, our family all escaped with minor injuries — no broken bones, no concussions.

We live in a place where good, good people are grown. Sometimes it takes an event like this to remember that. We are all very blessed to live in this community, where kindness and caring are a way of life. Thank you to everyone who helped my family and and lives with this pace of grace every day.

Mitra Engan