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Letter: Save money on council meeting site

Businessman taking notes and planning in a meeting

As we look into updating the city offices, there seems to be one piece being overlooked. There is no need to spend $500,000 on a new council chambers as there is a perfectly good space at the Health and Human Services Building.

If you recall, when that facility was being constructed there was a verbal agreement between the City Council, School Board and County Commissioners to share the space.

Unfortunately the commissioners were the only ones not to back out of that agreement.

To add insult to injury, the City Council formed an ad hoc committee to look into moving but when they came back with a recommendation to move, some of the same members who recommended the move voted against it.

If the city intends to be fiscally responsible the best course of action would be to move council meetings to the HHS space.

Spending money on a new council chambers would be a terrible misuse of public funds for which there are many other needs that could be met.

On a side note, perhaps the County Commissioners could change their meeting times to an evening time slot when more people could attend. Weekday mornings are very difficult for most people to get to. It would go a long way to creating more transparency for the County Board.

Jay Lawton