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Letter: Action needed at dangerous Highway 23 intersection

If the past few weeks are any indication, our New London EMTs and firefighters have a busy summer in front of them.  

With the construction on Highway 71, the traffic on Highway 9 has increased exponentially. That's great for our prospering downtown but not so great for drivers who must cross busy Highway 23. What can be done to decrease the number of accidents in that area?

It seems to me the quickest solution at this point is to decrease the speed at the intersection by the Country Stop.  Sixty-five mph in that area is far too fast; 45 mph would be much safer for everyone. Why can't this be done? And pronto?

I've heard discussion about possible improvements for the 23/9 intersection including a "j" turn. Really? With school bus traffic and inexperienced drivers, a "j" turn seems like another recipe for disaster. Why can't stop lights be installed there? Spicer has two sets of lights at intersections far less busy than 23/9.

C'mon, MnDOT!  We need something NOW before another life is affected.

Kim Toops

New London