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Letter: We owe a debt to our veterans

I received a phone call from a guy drumming for money to aid veterans. He got into his script a ways when I had to interrupt him.

I have the utmost respect for the service one gives to their country. These people do the dirty work for our government. They risk the ultimate sacrifice, being maimed for the rest of their lives.

To suffer pain daily — physical and emotional — and being less employable as well as the difficulty of fitting in.

I believe all Americans owe an unpayable debt to all veterans. How does a person put a price on their sacrifice? How does a country make restitution?

I believe that responsibility falls on our government. As we all should know, the government gets its money by taxing people and businesses.

It shames and sickens me when our government shuns its responsibility to provide essentials to our vets and passes it on to civilians.

Last year a school of jellyfish masquerading as Republicans — led by a Vladimir Putin wannabe — gave the very richest a massive tax cut. Then the "occupant" went to Mar-a-Lago and told his cronies he just made them a lot of money.

This gift to the rich adds over a trillion dollars to our national debt.

Oh, by the way, this massive tax cut (gift for the rich) will be paid for by taking from the poor (many of them vets who have fallen on hard times) and by our grandchildren and their children. What a legacy to leave them.

Where are the funds for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice?

Dennis Torgerson