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Willmar post-prom needs new coordinator

We'd like to thank Sherry Russell for the many, many volunteer hours she has worked for the Willmar post-prom party.

Over the past several years, Sherry has been the person in charge for this organization. She organized all of the volunteer meetings, coordinated the entertainment, headed up the decorations, sent letters to businesses for cash and prize donations with follow-up calls, set up the silent auction, found volunteers to work the actual event and mailed thank-you cards to the businesses who donated.

Since Sherry has decided to step down, the Willmar post-prom party will need a replacement.

Please contact the Willmar High School principal for contact information. Thank you, Sherry, for all of your time and commitment to the Willmar post-prom party.

Chris Woltjer, Spicer

Beth Stiff, Willmar