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Patterson sentenced to life without parole for abducting Jayme Closs, killing parents

Letter: Caring for all God's creatures

This letter is actually to the person, or persons, who threw a small black and white kitten out of their vehicle on a dirt road that runs about a mile and a half from Ridgewater College in Willmar.

You may be disappointed to know that the kitten, lying on the road, left to freeze to death, did not suffer such a painful and tragic death.

As my daughter was driving on that road to a family gathering, she saw a little ball of fur in the road. She stopped to investigate.

Here it was, a little kitten, still alive, but unable to move one leg as it had started to freeze. She picked it up, brought it to the family gathering, and discovered that it was very much alive.

So the little kitty was cleaned up, fed, and given a once-over by the crowd. As she lay on my grandson's shoulder, cuddling in his neck, it was obvious that this was her lucky day!

She began to play with my 3-year-old great-grandson, running up and down the hall trying to catch a blanket that he was pulling. You may also be disappointed to know that this little kitten is now at home in Baltimore, having flown with the family back home.

Please in the future, either don't have any animals, or, if you need to part with one, take it to a place where people care, such as the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter.

Maybe you will find a piece of black coal in your stocking this Christmas, or better yet, a new feeling in your heart for God's creatures, of which you are one. There is a song that talks about how "All God's Creatures Have a Place in the Choir."

Something to think about. If you are not a "believer" there are still such attributes as kindness, decency, compassion, and just plain good old common sense.

Irene Wallin