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Dennis Torgerson: Creating a safer world for the young

Here is my response to Ed Mickelson's letter of May 8 refuting my claim that the NRA has a responsibility in our children being slaughtered in school shootings.

The NRA contributes a lot of money to the Republican Party. One reason for doing so is to assure that there are not enough votes in our Legislature to ban military-style assault rifles. These weapons were designed for one purpose, to kill people. I call this selling one's soul to the NRA.

Why do some people feel the need to possess these dangerous weapons? The bullets of which tear flesh and break bones as they rip through a child's body. The most plausible answer to me that their self-worth is dependent on how many and what type of weapons they possess.

Many of these school shootings are done by people that suffer from mental illness. Their weapon of choice is usually a military-style assault weapon and/or other high-capacity guns.

I can't do anything about mental illness, but I can do something about the massacre happening in the U.S. I can vote for people who support banning military-style weapons.

In my letter of May 1 I wrote, "America's future is in our young. That includes girls." Mickelson states that he has one daughter and six granddaughters. I have one daughter and nine granddaughters.

My point to inserting "that includes girls" was, since younger men no longer restrict their women to the kitchen and bedroom — which was the norm for old white men — now our granddaughters have the opportunity to make a difference in the political arena.

Mickelson thinks my statement of "the worst young people could do is to take us down the path we are already on" is ironic.

I do not believe the young would take us down that path, otherwise I would not feel comfortable with handing over the reins to them.

I was simply stating that I believe we have nothing to lose considering our constant states (plural) of chaos we are now experiencing.

Dennis Torgerson