John Burns, thank you for promoting my book, “Understanding Islam in the Light of Christianity.”

I do not know you, but I understand from locals you are or were an attorney. That surprises me. I thought lawyers were notorious for doing “due diligence” before testifying.

You obviously did not do so concerning my book. Clearly, you did not read a single page or you would not have made such outlandish and false claims about it or me.

You accuse me of the very things I stand firmly against — fear and hate.

If, by accusing me of being a “fundamentalist Christian,” you mean one who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible and that Jesus is the only way to God, I am, indeed, guilty.

The problem with those on the political left, of which you appear to be one (sorry for the judgment), is that you claim to stand for civil rights and freedom of speech, yet do everything you can to demean and stifle civil discourse and the free exchange of opinions and viewpoints with those of whom you disagree.

You need not fear violence from those of us who are Christ followers, but rather you should look within and fear the hatred that emanates from your own soul and the souls of your fellow travelers down your life’s road of perceived dangers from God-fearing, God-loving American patriots.

The “dark underbelly” of politics you refer to does not arise from those you accuse, but from those you represent.

James F. Gauss