“Trade wars are easy to win.”

I have heard Donald Trump say this many times at rallies meant to whip up the emotions of his base.

I believe his premise is to make the Chinese people suffer, thereby putting pressure on their government to make a deal.

I think this technique could work on Americans because since World War II most of us are spoiled. Suffering for most of us is driving our gas-guzzling SUVs to the convenience store to find they are out of our favorite soda pop.

Suffering for the Chinese people is nothing new. Going without has been a way of life for many of them for many centuries.

Rep. Collin Peterson pointed out that because of Trump’s trade war, farmers must find new crops such as hemp and hops. This will require more investment in machinery plus the not-so-profitable learning curve.

I have noticed an upturn in newer SUVs with fish emblems at the Kandiyohi County Food Shelf. I can’t help but think these are farmers who are experiencing how Trump is going to “make America great again.”

Dennis Torgerson