In the past, we voted for a candidate of either party that we thought would best represent us.

Now, Democratic presidential candidates are promoting “free-for-all” socialist programs that are not free and that would break our country. Many people don’t even understand what socialism is or how disastrous it has been in other countries.

Trump was the duly elected president in 2016.

As with Obama, Trump should be respected and tolerated, even by those who did not vote for and do not like him.

Instead of letting him do his job, he’s been relentlessly assaulted by opponents trying to take him down.

Ironically, he’s been accused of what Democrats have actually done, e.g. the Russian hoax (started by Hillary Clinton) and the Ukrainian deal (Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is the one that got huge payments from both Ukraine and China).

Trump has also been accused of being racist and more with no evidence. The latest attempts to impeach him without cause and through improper procedures are over the top.

Thank God that Trump was elected. He has strong business and negotiation skills and has used them to improve our country’s economy and stop other countries from taking advantage of us.

Imagine what more he could get done if Democrats would quit wasting time and taxpayer funds with bogus charges and partisan politics.

One of Trump’s pledges was to clean up the “swamp” in Washington. If not for him, none of the real corruption would have come to light. It’s opened our eyes. Trump can tweet all he wants, since he does not get fair coverage by the mainstream media.

Values of faith and family; respect for life, the military, law enforcement, and the Constitution; as well as love of country are being promoted under this administration. We need to educate ourselves and others through a variety of sources and open our eyes to what’s really going on.

Paul and Teresa Marxen

Bird Island