Willmar and Kandiyohi County have a serious problem with a home-grown religious group that calls itself THEE Book Club.

Its “bible” is a 481-page hate-filled screed that describes Islam as a satanic religion. That tome is printed in Willmar by Lakeside Press.

THEE Book Club is entirely based in Kandiyohi County, which makes it our responsibility.

In the face of this, our elected officials have taken the position of the proverbial monkey with its eyes and ears closed.

Maybe if we just ignore the cancer, it will just go away. But it won’t just go away, and the longer we wait to confront it, the more it will grow and metastasize.

An informed public needs to know that former Willmar City Council member and current Kandiyohi County Board member Steve Ahmann is an ardent supporter of that group.

John Burns