There is a need to make a distinction, the lack of which creates a barrier for most people to understand.

The distinction is the difference between Islam and the people who follow Islam.

When this distinction is not understood, people automatically connect any distrust or fear of Islam as hatred toward the followers of Islam.

This is most certainly not true, and this separation must be understood.

Once separated, the barrier to researching and understanding the dark side of Islam can be removed.

The organizers of the recent Straight Way of Grace event, THEE Book Club, should be thoroughly commended.

For one thing, the event initiated what was likely the best discussion and interaction between a group of young Somalis and Willmar white Anglo-Saxon people, that has occurred since the first Somalis arrived in Willmar.

Secondly, it revealed to me that these young Somalis all wanted to ascribe the same loving, godly, traits to Allah as us WASPs do to our God.

Errol Bluhm