As the impeachment trial is completed, here is a quote from Martin Luther King. He once stated "injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

We need to hear from more witnesses that were suppressed by Republican senators. Trump calls the impeachment a witch hunt, blaming the Democrats — even though the witnesses against him were appointed to his own administration.

Trump used extortion type methods in an attempt to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. The day after Trump finds out about the investigation into the Ukraine aid, he releases the aid funding.

I have no doubts Attorney General William Barr tipped Trump off about the investigation.

Also, how much money was donated to some GOP campaigns by wealthy Russians for political clout? Of course, one of the Ukrainians arrested for funneling money into GOP campaigns, is starting to name names making some GOP followers pretty nervous, including Trump, whose SuperPac received $1 million traced back to a wealthy Russian businessman.

Eventually, the truth will come out and soon.

Joe Raines