It was instructive to watch Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi the other night at the State of the Union address at the U.S. capitol.

Trump refused to shake Pelosis’ hand. She countered by tearing up Trump’s speech. In my view these were both rather childish reactions.

Counter this with Mitt Romney’s deciding to vote for President Trump’s removal from office.

Every day I ask God to tell me who to pray for. A couple of weeks ago God showed me to pray for Mitt Romney in that he was having a hard time deciding how to vote in the impeachment matter.

He is going to find now that he has many friends that he didn’t know he had, especially among Democrats and Independents.

Trump is already showing that he has learned nothing from the impeachment.

If he has learned nothing from the impeachment, he will go down in flames in the general election and he will take the rest of the Republicans with him. That will be just fine with me; then the Republicans can start building again from ground zero.

George Hulstrand, Jr.