Do you want to leave our children and grandchildren a liveable planet?

Whatever your politics, candidates at every level have an impact on environmental sustainability and the environmental future of our planet.

Many offices that impact the well-being of the environment will be decided this year.

Nationally, we have been going backward from previous advances promoting clean air and clean water, and we need to reverse this direction.

In Minnesota, we have not been progressing toward climate-friendly policies like we need. We have only 12 years before the carbon dioxide level reaches the tipping point, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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We need people in office who vote for clean renewable energy, low vehicle emissions, mass transportation, keeping our lands healthy, and common-sense industry regulations.

Be sure you ask your candidates for their views on climate change and the environment.

Then vote like the planet depends on you — because it does.

Kay Slama

Willmar Area Climate Action Group