I had the opportunity to practice as a lawyer from 1976 until 2018.

As such, I practiced in many courtrooms in Minnesota.

My territory literally ran from Moorhead to Pipestone and from Duluth to Stillwater and Hastings, as well as to many courtrooms in between.

I had many interactions with the various police and I found them to be highly professional as to how they treated the public.

My experience was basically completely the opposite to what has happened in Minneapolis.

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To name a few “good cops;” Jim Felt, our chief of police; Larry Kleinhuizen and Dan Hartog, our former sheriffs. Let’s not forget our former jailer at the Kandiyohi County jail, Ron Wilson, who did such an awesome job of taking care of people out there.

I cannot name all of the wonderful cops I have met over the years.

Let’s tell our police officers “Thank you” for what has become an often completely thankless job.

God bless you all.

George Hulstrand, Jr.