Even Trump’s propaganda network — Fox News — has reported this fact: our USA only has 4% of the world population but over 20% of the planet’s confirmed COVID-19 deaths. Our nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals have warned us to take this plague more seriously; over 1,000 of them have died trying to save us. More police officers have died from COVID-19 than from active duty incidents this year. Even this September, American doctors and nurses are having to re-use single-use masks for multiple days. Still, many laugh and bellow, their faces within inches, at bars and parties. Can’t miss those!

Just last week, when tapes caught Trump saying in February that he knew it was a dangerous virus, much worse than the flu, he had his HHS lackey trying to muzzle Dr. Anthony Fauci, our world renown infectious disease expert, from warning about the dire, underestimated threat of Covid-19 to America’s school kids. Fortunately, Dr. Fauci is courageous, unlike Trump and his many Republican politician bootlickers.

Thousands of us Americans--parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and kids- have unnecessarily died. The incompetent Trump refused to use the National Defense Act to mobilize a massive, reliable, quick system of testing and contact tracing, and production of high-quality ventilators, masks and protective gear. Instead, he said there were just a few cases, it would “magically” go away, be gone by spring, that we needed less testing because testing “caused” the high numbers. (Like telling a teenage girl that she won’t be pregnant if she avoids a pregnancy test!)

Instead, the coward shoved it to the governors to handle. Most Republican governors followed his anti-science madness — an enormous boost to the virus spread. He recommended putting bleach in your body to fight the hoax virus! Some people in Texas and elsewhere took his advice and ended up in poison control centers. They’ll likely vote for him anyway. Trump is not Hitler or Mussolini yet, but millions of people, even educated ones, supported those tribal bullies until it was too late. Result? World War II. Millions died horrifically.

Brian Wojtalewicz