Allegedly, the Trumplicans have welcomed two honorary members to their party: the Easter Bunny and Santa.

I have known Bunny and Santa since my childhood and both are very trustworthy. Bunny just wants you to have fun and Santa wants you to be nice to others even when you don't want to.

The Trumplicans want to add a level of credibility to their fantasies for fear that the average American only thinks that they are some extremist, radical group like QAnon or the Proud Boys who believe only fantasies about Satanic pedophiles in pizza parlors, pedophile rings headed by Democratic elites, or that millions of dead people voted for president-elect Biden.

The Trumplicans are counting on Bunny and Santa to lend some level of credibility, a big tent fantasy that even QAnon or the Proud Boys can accept and follow. What Proud Boy hasn't experienced the excitement of the All American Christmas pageantry? A white Christmas?

So Trumplicans hope this shift from a far-right fantasy to a more middle of the road Trumplican will send a signal to all Americans that they are a serious party.

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That the Ted Cruzes, Ron Johnsons, and Steven Millers are not misanthropes that hate their fellow Americans, but rather that their American dreams for a better fantasy will resonate in all Americans.

Patrick Thibault