The BOLD bond referendum vote is on Feb. 9. This is a huge financial decision for the District, please vote.

Most of the BOLD Board and Administration haven’t done enough research to ask us to spend $57,400,000. (Question 1) or $62,600,000. (Question 1&2).

I was a member of the handpicked Steering Committee that discussed options for BOLD. The majority (not unanimous) of the committee felt that we needed one school building in Olivia.

The Bird Island building has been closed due to mold, which was caused by neglect due to a moisture leak. What started out as an easy cleanup manifested itself to a building closure.

The District supposedly didn’t have money for repairs, however recently spent $1,000,000 for a parking lot at the Olivia campus.

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If this Referendum is approved, wasted money.

The buildings are being reported to be 100+ years old, and portions are. However; 40 percent of the campus in Bird Island is only 53 years old.

We don’t even know what the proposed school is going to look like, yet we are being asked to spend $57.4 million or $62.6 million.

Fiscal responsibility is lacking. BOLD has deficit spent 3 out of the last 4 years.

Now is not the time to be trying to spend $57.4 million or a total of $62.6 million. It is being promoted that the cost of the $62.6 million bond would be $250.20/year for a $100,000 home.

The farmland owned by my family has an average estimated market value of $7,201/acre; the bond will cost us $3,395/year. The commercial businesses and the ag landowners will pay the brunt of the bond.

Neighboring districts are experiencing declining enrollment and aging buildings also.

Mutual planning could result in more class opportunities, cause less financial stress to the commercial businesses that have been struggling through the pandemic and to the ag landowners

Brick and mortar don’t educate students; great teachers and more classes do. Fix what we have, modify it, spend less dollars.

Please vote no on Feb. 9 or before.

Neal Prokosch

Bird Island