President Donald Trump must recognize the reality of our democratic election and support the 2020 election of Joe Biden. Stop the misinformation. Stop the nonsense. Concede. For the sake of our nation and our democracy, concede.

We implore Mr. Dave Baker, Mr. Andrew Lang, and Mr. Tim Miller — who were elected on the same ticket and in the same election that President Trump recklessly claimed was stolen — to join this call for a return to democratic norms.

The legitimacy of our elections is under attack, and silence is complicity.

Disinformation peddled by President Trump is already eroding trust in elections, particularly with conservative voters. Our local representatives must stand up for institutions that will outlast their tenure.

They must call upon all leaders within their party to commit to a peaceful and orderly transition of presidential power now and in the future.

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Baker, Lang, and Miller should fully and publicly endorse the clear results of the 2020 election, up and down the ballot.

Darrell Forkrud, Treasurer

and Kandiyohi County DFL Executive Committee