Republican legislators in 43 states including Minnesota are on an evil mission: pushing more than 250 bills that would make voting extremely difficult — if not impossible — for Black people, brown people, working people, poor people and young people.

Republicans previously had no problem with states’ election laws already in place until voters in Georgia elected Joe Biden president and flipped Georgia blue with the election of Sens. Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock.

Now, Republicans across the country are gleefully trying to dismantle our democracy.

They are proposing totally unnecessary laws to restrict voters’ access to the ballot box. Who would have thought that we’d be living in the United States of America where the basic tenets of democracy are up for debate and are under actual attack?

Some believe this is about fraud, but only people who have lost their minds believe this Big Lie because it never, ever was about fraud.

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A Republican legislator in Arizona, Rep. John Kavanagh, recently insisted proposed voting measures should reflect the “quality” of voters as much as the “quantity” of voters.

Another Arizona legislator said that without voting restrictions, Republicans are put at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats.

Republicans are proposing and passing these restrictions because they are not winning in the arena of ideas and they’re doing everything they can to keep large groups of people from voting in an effort to stay in power.

Americans beginning with the Revolutionary War have fought and shed blood, and other groups have struggled tirelessly, to extend the right to vote to everyone and to do so unimpeded.

My fellow Americans, get angry, speak out and fight back against these unpatriotic enemies of democracy.

These people are actively trying to take away your democratic rights, and you cannot expect to keep those rights if you are not prepared to fight for them.

David Little