Generally, statistical numbers do not mean much to the average person. However, when it can be associated with a real person, one can gain a different perspective.

April was “National Donate Life Month”, so I thought I would once again try to convey the importance of organ donation. Today, there are approximately 120,000+ people waiting for an organ transplant in the United States. Approximately 100-plus people are added to the waiting list each day, and approximately 20 will die today waiting for a transplant that never came. Perhaps the most telling piece of information is that a single donor can help save the lives of up to 8 people.

I will once again, in some small way, try to communicate who the real heroes are in this quest to save more lives. Donors are the heroes we may never have got to know. They may have lost it all, but in that loss they gave life the greatest gift of all.

Remember, some donation can come from a living donor, (part of a liver, pancreas, or intestine) and a kidney or a lung.

Deceased donors can donate all of the previous plus the heart. Other donated items fall in the tissue category.

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If you are registered as a donor, Thank You. If you are not, please consider becoming one.

James Swenson