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April Peterson: Attend your local GOP caucus

Attend your local GOP caucus

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Reader Opinion letter
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Choosing a party is not an easy task. When I chose the Republican party, I watched endless hours of news, read several books, spoke with friends, scanned the web, and listened to speeches.
No party or politician is perfect. However, I chose to support the Republican party with my vote, volunteer hours and donations because they hold dear the three topics most important to me: protecting the constitution, national security and fiscal responsibility.
Many recent events in America turned me into an active voice in supporting the Republican party.
I don't recognize a United States of America that wants to defund the police, not properly process immigrants, give school unions more power than parents, allow non-citizens to vote, and mandate medical decisions.
I encourage you to get involved as well. A good place to start is at the caucus meetings on Feb. 1. Attend your local GOP caucus.
April Peterson

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