Betty Boersma: Hats off to the gentleman who helped us

Letter writer thanks a helpful gentleman.

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The letter writer wrote "Christmas is past, and the City of Willmar never put up many decorations either downtown or on First Street."
The letter writer wrote "We believe this information about the change is important to share with all the people in Kandiyohi County. We hope that the commissioners reverse their decision."
From the letter: All the excitement for legalization comes from what segment of our society? Who benefits? I’d say that the $180 million for our state coffers comes at too high a price.
The letter writer writes "please, reach out to these neighbors struggling and let them feel 'hope.' "

Hats off from Betty Boersma to the kind gentleman who helped in a time of need. My daughter took me to the parade on June 25, in spite of having to handle a wheelchair and oxygen for me. I am a resident of Bethesda Nursing Home and loved getting out and thoroughly enjoyed the parade. Following the parade my daughter was trying to transfer me from the wheelchair into her car. Because the seat covers were too soft and not slideable. I was caught halfway in and cried out for fear of falling. And that is when an older man was walking by and said “I can help.” He climbed into the car and lifted me in. It was so good to feel safe. “Thank you kind sir, you showed God’s love.”

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