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Carmen Fernholz letter: Rep. Michelle Fischbach failed her district on infrastructure

Letter writes states that Rep. Michelle Fischbach failed the U.S. Seventh District on her negative infrastructure legislation vote.

Reader Opinion letter

I am not one to question the integrity of legislators on every vote that they are asked to make on such a variety of issues. It is a challenge to try to meet the needs of their many constituents.

However, I have to call into question Rep. Michelle Fischbach’s vote on the recently passed bipartisan supported Infrastructure legislation. Rep. Fischbach, R-Paynesville, represents not only one of the most rural congressional districts but also one that is predominantly agricultural as well.

It appears to me that she has completely abandoned her constituents in favor of a political party.

How could someone from a district such as she represents not vote for legislation that contains:

  • $110 billion dollars for roads, bridges, and other major infrastructure
  • $40 billion dollars for bridge repair, replacement, and rehab projects
  • $16 billion dollars for projects too large for traditional funding
  • $11 billion dollars for transportation safety
  • $66 billion dollars for passenger and freight rail improvements
  • $65 billion dollars in improving broadband access
  • $17 billion dollars in port infrastructure
  • $25 billion dollars in airport improvements
  • And $65 billion dollars in improving the electrical grid.

Most of us have been lifelong residents of rural Minnesota, such as the 7th Congressional District. When we look at the dollars allocated to address all of the issues listed above it would seem quite clear where a representative’s loyalties should be.
Such does not appear to be the case with Rep. Fischbach.


I would ask each and every one of you as her constituents to be in touch with her and learn why she voted to deny such economic assistance to our congressional district.

Accountability and integrity are two characteristics of good leadership. We are reminded daily that we work very hard in our day-to-day occupations as farmers, main street businesses and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

We need to know that our government through its representatives has our best interest in mind each time they vote.

Carmen Fernholz


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