Char Erickson letter: Hats off to the Willmar Stingers

Summary: Letter writer compliments the Willmar Stingers

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Hats off to the Willmar Stingers!

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The "Connecting Families" program of PACT for Families Collaborative sponsored a "Meet and Greet" event with the Willmar Stingers on June 18. About 30 children of various ages and abilities had the opportunity to mingle with some Stingers players at Lions Park, enjoying a variety of yard games and root beer floats together.

It is hard to express our appreciation and admiration for these players, and for the entire Stingers organization.

These young men in their jerseys did not need an invitation or prodding to join in. They cheerfully played games with them, tossed baseballs to some, jumped on stepping stones with kids, did some drawings with them, and visited with kids and parents alike.

They shared where they are from and what position they each play. Their active and intentional participation made it a memorable experience for these kids — and for all of us who attended.


Our community can be very proud of the Willmar Stingers organization.

Char Erickson
and PACT for Families Collaborative staff

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