Charles N. Oakes: Why did Kandiyohi County send SWAT?

Letter writer criticizes SWAT team response.

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I understand why the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office offered to help Minneapolis during this time of protest over the murder of George Floyd, by the Minneapolis police officer.

George was handcuffed and face down in the gutter when he was casually murdered by the people we expect to protect us.

Citizens are upset. I am upset. So I can see why the Minneapolis Police Department needed help.

But why did we send them SWAT?

Haven't we done enough to frighten Americans assembling in protest? Why must we send men in helmets carrying bats to help?


Now that the National Guard has restored peace, why did we send our SWAT squad in a military-style vehicle to represent Kandiyohi County?

Charles N. Oakes


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