Darlene Martinson Ross: Thank u to the heroes of Benson

Letter writer thanks the heroes of Benson.

Reader Opinion letter

My heroes here in Benson during this time are our two grocery stores. I buy all of my groceries in Benson. At this time of uncertainty, I know that once or twice a week I can go to a quiet haven full of good food and good friends. I am not amidst a crowd, I am not forced to hunt for the things I need. I feel safe and never go hungry.

How else does one get along? My best friend and I take rides in his car. He loves to drive and our rides and friendly chats are a lot like going to high school in Morris. Those were good memories. We called it “dragging the Main”

I also fell flat on my face a month ago while on a morning walk. I was rescued by a friend I had met in church. He managed to get a City of Benson policeman, a Swift County sheriff's deputy, a State patrolman, and an ambulance with a driver.

At the emergency room at Swift County-Benson Health Services, I had the excellent help of Dr. Rodney Lee who ably returned my face to its previous state. I am grateful to all of those heroes. Yes, I’d love to have been returned to the ME of 50 years ago, but I am pleased to still be me.

Thanks for asking and all is well in Benson.


Darlene Martinson Ross


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