Dave Little letter: Oppose proposed state COVID-19 vaccine ban

Summary: Help oppose a proposed state COVID-19 vaccine ban.

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Minnesota House Republicans and activists will put citizens’ lives at risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19 if the Legislature approves their bill banning government and employer vaccine mandates. (See: “Minnesota lawmakers, activists call for vaccine mandate ban,’’ April 21, West Central Tribune.’’)

This specious legislation would, among other things, require health care providers to give patients “independent information” on vaccines from sources “other than pharmaceutical companies, governmental institutions, and quasi-governmental institutions.”

This bill represents an attempt by so-called “freedom lovers” who selfishly think only of themselves and reject scientific evidence and any notion of cooperation and responsibility in working with their fellow Minnesotans to fight this dread disease. There is no concern for public safety in this bill: it’s all about me and to heck with you.

This bill is really a crudely cynical campaign scheme by supporter Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, who announced the bill on April 20 at the Minnesota Capitol, and others to enhance their election chances with the radical base of their party. These “Trumplicans,” as I call them, are playing to the fringe that has made opposition to masking up and vaccinations a political fetish.

This bill does nothing to safeguard public health. Supporters apparently don’t care how many tens, hundreds or thousands of government or business workers get sick and die as a result of coming into contact with infected customers.


This proposal is ill-conceived, is ill-thought-out and is a blatant attack on Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, which are essential to safe and functioning business and government. Call your senator and representative and demand that this extremely dangerous proposal must never be allowed to pass.
David Little

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