David A. Swenson letter: We support Dr. Scott Jensen

From the letter: The Chippewa County GOP are on record saying "we unanimously support Dr. Jensen in his fight to retain his license."

Dr. Scott Jensen
Dr. Scott Jensen, Republican governor candidate, 2022
Contributed / Elizabeth Rymer

On Feb. 4, 2023, the Chippewa County Republican Party voted unanimously on a resolution to show support for Dr. Scott Jensen regarding the current accusations against him from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

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Dr. Scott Jensen, a former Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor, is once again being investigated by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and the Minnesota Attorney General's office.

Attorney General Keith Ellison and the Minnesota Medical Board are attempting to take away Dr. Jensen's medical license.

Four previous investigations against him were dropped. Dr. Jensen has indicated he will be meeting with the Board and the attorney general's office over the next two to three months for this investigation.

The Chippewa County GOP are on record saying "we unanimously support Dr. Jensen in his fight to retain his license."


Four other attempts failed and now Gov. Tim Walz and Ellison are spending more Minnesota tax dollars attacking a doctor and his practice with what appears to be suspect accusations that are more of a political agenda than a review from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

All Minnesota citizens should be very concerned with this kind of activity — the Chippewa County GOP is.

David A. Swenson

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