David Little: We are all in this together in 2020

Letter writer criticizes the administration's response to coronavirus

Reader Opinion letter

I would like to recommend that you read the story in the Sunday, April 5, StarTribune headlined, “Behind Botched Response.’’

The story describes how the United States should have been prepared for the COVID-19 virus outbreak, but denial and dysfunction by the current White House occupant and his administration set the nation back, resulting in deadly consequences.

The occupant has described himself as a wartime president in the fight against COVID-19, but he’s really been missing-in-action since Jan. 3 when our spy agencies were signaling to the occupant and the White House the seriousness of the threat to the U.S.

It took 70 days, as the story reports, from the initial notification to treat the virus not as a harmless flu strain but as a lethal force poised to kill tens of thousands of Americans, that the occupant finally began to take it somewhat seriously.

There’s not sufficient space here to describe his blunders in full. You can read the story for yourself.


However, I will say that we will all be in this together when we vote in the Nov. 3 general election.

David Little


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