Dennis Myers: Voter criticizes NLS school question

NLS levy question criticized by senior citizen.

Reader Opinion letter
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I hope the people have taken the time to look at the pamphlet the New London-Spicer School District has sent in the mail.

If you are on Social Security, check out Question 2. It says they are asking for the voter-approved operation levy to increase each year by the rate of inflation.

What does that mean for people who are on Social Security?

The rate of inflation this year is at 5.3 percent. If you get let's say $24,000 a year you should get about a $1,272 increase.

Most people get Part A at no cost and most people add on Part B which comes at a cost of about $140 a month. If you get a cost of living adjustment the government will increase the cost of Part B and that takes almost all of the increase.


So School District 345 wants to increase the taxes you pay them 5.3 percent and whatever the rate of inflation will be each year for the rest of the time you own your home.

On a home that has a value of $250,000 it will cost you $386 a year and whatever the government charges extra for Part B and that leaves you, the taxpayer, very, very little.

And we will still be paying the extra inflation on gas, heating oil, groceries, medicine and everything we buy.

The New London-Spicer School district is taking away the financial future of the people on Social Security.

Let’s not give them a blank check at the cost of the taxpayer.

And for young homeowners, do you want your taxes to go up every year at the rate of inflation?

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