Duane Hickler letter: Are electric cars really in our future?

The letter writer reminds people about the evolution of transporation.

Electric vehicles come and go from a Tesla Supercharger station in Santa Monica.
Electric vehicles come and go from a Tesla Supercharger station in Santa Monica. California regulators voted Thursday to require automakers to sell increasing percentages of zero-emission vehicles, starting with 35% of new car sales in 2026 and reaching 100% by 2035.
Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times/TNS

That question is often in my thinking, and I hear and read so many people saying that will never happen. Imagine the date is 1890 and Harry is working in his shop that specializes in shoeing horses for the local carriages that transfer so many people around the city.

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His friend Joe comes in and says “Harry, have you heard about these new-fangled things that they have come out with that don’t need horse’s any more to move carriages around?” Harry responds, “That will never happen, Horse’s, are the backbone of America and that will never change.”

If Harry could come back today, do you think he could believe the change from when he was so busy taking care of what he felt would never change.

Duane Hickler

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