Duane Hickler letter: Thankful for those who voted for the infrastructure bill

Letter writer thanks those who voted for the federal infrastructure bill.

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It’s hard to get through a day or even an hour without hearing political debates over something going on. The U.S. House and Senate were just able to pass an infrastructure bill with just a few Republican votes.

It probably is not a perfect bill, some will say it does not do enough, others will say it’s not necessary, or we can’t afford it.

There is one thing I’m sure of.

When the money reaches the areas that each Representative represents, even though they voted against it they will welcome it with open arms. We have already seen some of those statements.

In my thinking, those that voted against the bill should refuse the money for their areas to back up what they apparently really believed when they cast their vote. I would like to see if those politicians have the courage to share with their voters that fixing roads and bridges along with getting better service for their children through the internet is not important to their district.


I’m old enough to remember when President Dwight Eisenhower , a Republican, was able to get both parties to work together to completely change the highway system that we enjoy today.

President Eisenhower got his ideas for what the United States had to do while serving in Germany and seeing how far advanced they were of us, as he marveled at the vast highway system built by the Germans prior to the war.

Eisenhower wrote in his presidential memoirs, “During World War II, I had seen the superlative system of German autobahn — the national highways crossing the country. The autobahn aided the allied victory by enabling the allies to efficiently resupply forces that pursued the German Wehrmacht across France and into Germany.

Where would this country be today without Ike’s foresight and energy to get legislators behind his efforts to completely change our highway system.

The legislators realized how important it was for the nation and cast their yes vote, even though it probably was not a perfect bill. I’m thankful for what they did.

Duane Hickler


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