Ernie Meyer and 10 others letter: Can we come together on gun policy?

The letter writers call for collective effort to address gun violence.

FILE PHOTO: People cross the Brooklyn Bridge as they attend "March for Our Lives" rally, one of a series of nationwide protests against gun violence, New York City, U.S., June 11, 2022.
FILE PHOTO: People cross the Brooklyn Bridge as they attend "March for Our Lives" rally, one of a series of nationwide protests against gun violence, New York City, U.S., June 11, 2022.
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The news of violent death by citizen gunfire just keeps coming. The notion that more guns are “the answer” runs counter to the reality of more guns resulting in a growing number of deaths.

Reader Opinion letter
Reader Opinion letter
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Are we tough enough to get tough on guns?

Getting tough on guns doesn’t mean getting rid of guns. It does mean being more restrictive and accountable in the arena of the gun market.

It seems a stretch to include assault-type weapons in the general marketing of guns. Those types of weapons have been used repeatedly to commit horrendous crimes. They have been shown to be very effective for killing quickly and, in many instances, with multiple deaths.

That is certainly an unwanted efficiency, but the trend of gun production and sales has served to heighten the dreaded outcome of deaths upon deaths being daily reported all across the country.


Can we do anything about it?

It would seem that we should be able to do something. It would be great if we could trend in the direction of “life with guns” rather than all the “death by guns.”

“Life with guns” would require that we come together to develop plans as best we can in order that specific guidelines are honored in ways that serve to curb the current gun abuse which has led to so much sorrow and loss of life.

We write with hope for coming together.

Ernie Meyer, Dennis Pieske, Donald Houseman, Charles Bredeson, Robert Jacobson, Ronald Johnson, Robert Dahl, Don Meyer, Herm Van Niejenhuis, Darrell Fokrud, all from Willmar

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