Gary Lierman: Gov. Walz is right on coronavirus policies

Letter writer criticizes Kathleen Wallace's letter objecting to Governor Tim Walz policies addressing COVID-19 in Minnesota.


In the June 10 issue of the Tribune, Atwater's Kathleen Wallace accuses Governor Tim Walz of becoming a dictator and bemoans, inter alia, that his policies are restricting her religious freedoms.


Do they prevent her from praying to whomever she wishes whenever she wishes?

To contribute to whatever denomination she wishes whenever she wishes?

To watch or listen to whatever religious programming she wishes whenever she wishes?


Nowhere have I seen or heard that religious freedom includes to right to endanger the health and/or lives of others, and \Walz and the majority of other governors (even most with an R behind their name) have followed the guidance of the nation's most respected experts on the issue of public spacing.

That's simply a responsible government.

And then there's the unnamed member of the legislature (bet there's an R involved in that as well) informing Ms. Wallace that businesses that buck the system will be served with subpoenas, hauled into court and carted off to jail, never again to conduct business in Minnesota.

While likely untrue, if doing so endangers others, perhaps that's not such bad idea.

Gary Lierman


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