Gary Swenson: Observations on 'prayer vigil'

Letter writer makes observations on recent "prayer vigil."

Reader Opinion letter

After reading the article about the ‘prayer vigil’ that was held Nov. 7 in order to hinder the speaking engagement of Rev Usama Dakdok (labeled by some as anti-Islamic), some further observations need to be brought to light.

Evidenced by the large contingent of people lining the entrance to the event, an attempt to intimidate the attendees from even attending was obvious. The article mentioned nothing about prayers being said — at least vocally — outside of the theatre.

Others also noticed that many of those from the ‘interfaith’ community i. e. those from other Christian churches were also engaged in attempts to thwart the Muslim attendees from actually attending Rev Dokdak’s gospel presentation. You would think that other Christians would be encouraging such a dialogue.

It was also noted that the ‘Interfaith Christians’ would also come into the actual theatre and attempt to get the Muslims who were listening to Rev Dakdok to leave. Again, the motive for this leaves one scratching one’s head.

During the interaction following the presentation, many from the Muslim community expressed their disappointment at this behavior from the ‘interfaith’ community. Some Muslim’s had never heard such a presentation before and were curious to hear what Rev Dakdok had to say.


It also should be noted that according to many, there was a wonderful and peaceful time of questioning and dialogue with Usama, some Muslims and other attendees after Rev. Dakdok was finished.

One thing that became very evident is that the Christian churches should consider getting together to discuss their obvious differences in how to witness and minister to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

From the various interactions between the different groups, I was impressed enough to think that we should have more events like this to gain a better understanding of each other.

Gary Swenson


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