George Hulstrand Jr.: Collin Peterson's opponent will face a fight

Letter: Writer believes Collin Peterson will be successful in his 2020 re-election campaign.

Reader Opinion letter

Thank you for the commentary by Mike McFeely titled “Don’t count out ol’ Collin Peterson just yet” in the Sept. 19 paper.

Many years ago I was able to attend a meeting of the whole U.S. Ag committee at an open hearing in Marshall.

In attendance were both Democrats and Republicans. Collin Peterson was there as well.

What was clear was how much respect all the members had for Peterson. The agriculture committee is much less partisan than most of our congressional committees.

Michelle Fischbach is running against Collin Peterson.


This individual knows nothing about agriculture yet agriculture is our district’s lifeblood.

Her only real claim to fame is that she is married to Scott Fischbach, who is chairman of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life has more and more in this part of the state turned into an organ of the Republican Party.

And yes, I know what I am talking about. At one time I was chairman for that organization in Kandiyohi County. Why is it that MCCL always has its fair booth right next to the Republican Party's booth?

In the past Peterson was a strong supporter of MCCL.

Michele Fischbach will have a fight on her hands if she wants to take on Peterson successfully.

George Hulstrand Jr.


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