James Swenson: Many people endanger others without face masks

Letter writer urges people to wear face masks.

Reader Opinion letter
Reader Opinion letter
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After reading the Minnesota Opinion editorial in the Monday (May 18) paper, I thought I would send my own observation from Saturday (May 16) shopping.

I am sure I will probably get a little flack for this, but after all it is an opinion page.

As an individual with a significantly compromised immune system, I decided to wait in the car while my wife shopped for groceries at Cub Foods.

She was in the store for about an hour and a half so I decided to conduct my own unscientific study of mask-wearing.

From my perspective, I concluded that 10 percent or less of those coming and going at Cub were wearing face masks.


I was also surprised that, if I am any judge of age, there were many of the older generation that were not wearing face masks. Having said all of this, I reached two conclusions which I am sure many will feel some disagreement.

The other approximately 90 percent: 1. Don’t feel we have a real problem or 2. They don’t care about the possible outcome of not wearing the mask.

James Swenson


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